Life Extension Center

789 E. Lancaster Avenue, Suite 230
Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085

Our Philosophy

The primary goals of the Life Extension Center are threefold:

  • To discover and inhibit degeneration of the body's systems
  • To support a healthful constitution through homeostatic mechanisms
  • To improve and/or maintain quality of life

These are accomplished through extensive evaluation of the individual. Everyone has a biochemical distinction. Even identical twins do not age at the same rate or die of like diseases, but there are similarities.

Stress, in any form (trauma, negative emotions, temperature changes and extremes, etc.) stimulates specific adaptations in each of us. If we have the energy to adapt or cope quickly enough, we regain homeostasis and total recovery is achieved. If our regulatory systems are overwhelmed, then we maladapt and enter a phase of imbalance. In acute injury, this is usually the formation of scar tissue followed by incomplete recovery. However, in chronic disease, the maladaption process may persist for months, years or decades. This situation produces most chronic degenerative disease such as arthritis, maturity onset diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Many stresses burden us daily - such as poor diet, high pressure occupations, constant air travel and emotional upsets (divorce, death of a friend or family member). Many chronic diseases develop from maladaptation due to deficiency (malnutrition), mutation, infection and/or poisoning (environmental/ecological toxicity).

A major part of how our bodies react to stress is genetic. This is why diseases follow a family in its history. All chronic diseases have one common denominator; they are all forms of degeneration. Whether they are called atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis or multiple sclerosis, they are all forms of degeneration.

Abnormal degeneration is inhibited in our bodies by maintaining biological efficiency and developing mature defense mechanisms (homeostatic mechanisms). To maintain highly efficient body responses, we must have the energy from our food to express the genetic potential necessary for rapid and complete adaptation. Our food must be properly ingested, digested, absorbed and utilized to provide the energy needed to suppress disease. This is why a competent hormonal system and intact nerve transmission are necessary to recognize and activate proper adaptive responses. This balance is maintained by recognizing and activating proper adaptive responses. Imbalance may be corrected through chiropractic, adjunctive nutritional support, aggressive vitamin and supplement therapy, acupuncture, intravenous nutrient therapy and health changes to lifestyle. Severe chronic disease states can be improved and palliated with medication.

We do not age and deteriorate at the same rate. The evaluation at the Life Extension Center often yields significant information which we use to increase control of this rate by our patients.