Life Extension Center

789 E. Lancaster Avenue, Suite 230
Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085

Frequently Asked Questions - our new Pennsylvania location

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the move to our new Pennsylvania location.

What is the new office address?
Zabrecky Institute of Biomedicine
789 E. Lancaster Ave, Suite 230
Villanova, PA 19085

How far is it from the current office?
The office in Villanova is about a 2 hour and 45 minute drive from Ridgefield. It is a short drive or train ride from Philadelphia. Villanova is west of Philadelphia, on the main line.

What is the new office phone number?

Will the current phone number be disconnected?
No, the current phone number will be connected to the new office for many months after opening.

Is the new office currently open?
The new office will be patient ready mid December, 2015. It will be offering a larger array of services than we are able to currently offer in Ridgefield.

Is the Connecticut office closing?
The Connecticut office will be closing early 2016. While Dr. Zabrecky is making the transition to the new office, Dr. Wolinsky will remain on staff in Ridgefield to see patients.

How do I, the patient, ensure I can continue care with Dr. Zabrecky?
As a current patient (seen the doctor within the past 2 years) your patient file will automatically make the move with Dr. Zabrecky. No effort is required on your part to ensure your records remain with the doctor.

What about ordering supplements?
You may continue to order supplements as normal through the Life Extension Center. Barbra or Jessica will be able to assist you with this. When the Zabrecky Institute is open, you will also be able to order supplements by directly calling that office. The Zabrecky Institute will be partnering with a distributor to provide a more seamless supplement ordering process that will offer lower shipping rate, sales, and the ability to put your supplements on an “auto order” type schedule.

How do I stay in contact with Dr. Zabrecky through the move?
From now through January you may continue to call the Life Extension Center for immediate direction or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wolinsky. From mid December on, the Zabrecky Institute will be available to answer questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment. There is an overlap period where both offices will be in operation to ensure patients care is continued seamlessly. We will also continue to monitor our office e-mail on a regular basis.